Urological Consumables

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia TRANSKONTAKT-MEDICAL represents the major manufacturer MedPro Medical BV, which is a manufacturer of high-quality medical devices in the field of urology, radiology, gastroenterology, oncology and gynaecology.

Its quality products comply with the current strict standards and regulations and are complemented by excellent services, which represent the motto of our company.

We are thoroughly interested in satisfying the needs of the professional medical community, which supports our certified quality and processes management system.

Our ultimate mission is to have our own identity in the supply of medical devices as the most trusted provider of services in all aspects and in prudential and disposable solutions, as well as high-quality, time-limited (time-bound), and cost-effective products.

We are committed to maintaining 100% customer satisfaction on the basis of these values:

  • Speed and precision
  • Deep integrity and code of conduct
  • Management and team potential
  • Sufficient infrastructure for immediate expansion

We offer a wide range of quality products in various types and sizes made in compliance with strict health standards. All supplied products bear the CE mark.

All used materials are certified and harmless.

The products are packaged in compact bags or blister packs with precise marking. The packaging is sufficiently resistant even for long-term storing. Due to the fact that our products are consulted directly with physicians, the quality, product design and the operation manual are all pre-approved.