Medical consumables

We offer and supply a wide range of consumables such as fixing aids, sewing aids, urological consumables and hygiene products.

  • Fixation tools

    In order to complement the radiation oncology departments, TRANSKONTAKT-MEDICAL utilizes unique positioning and immobilization devices from Elekta.

  • Urological Consumables

    In the Czech Republic and Slovakia TRANSKONTAKT-MEDICAL represents the major manufacturer MedPro Medical BV, which is a manufacturer of high-quality medical devices in the field of urology, radiology, gastroenterology, oncology and gynaecology.

  • Hand Hygiene and Surface Sanitation

    Since 2012 TRANSKONTAKT MEDICAL s.r.o. has offered on our market products of the Japanese company SARAYA, which is a global leader in the area of hand hygiene and sanitation of surfaces dedicated to protecting human life and health through the development and production of professional products designed to prevent infections and illness

  • Surgical Suture Material

    The company TRANSKONTAKT-MEDICAL offers surgical suture material from the reputable American manufacturer STARMEDIX. » Products and Services » Medical consumables