Fixation tools

In order to complement the radiation oncology departments, TRANSKONTAKT-MEDICAL utilizes unique positioning and immobilization devices from Elekta.

These are primarily tabletops of radiation tables from carbon fibres, and, in particular, the accessory of the robotized table HexaPOD which enables computer-controlled spherical positioning with unlimited spatial 6D setting of the patient with submillimetre accuracy and therefore represents a significant improvement in therapeutic radiation. Two of these devices have been installed in the Czech Republic so far.

Apart from these, there are fixation devices for the head, trunk and individual limbs available.


FRAXION is a specific, patented and completely individually shapable tool intended for the fixation of the patient and ensuring precise irradiation of the brain and lesions in the head. In terms of its design, it is a vacuum-activated oral insert inside the radiation frame which is registered under the name FRAXION. The tool is a combination of all the current clinical knowledge and its design allows its repeated use for almost all cancer patients. The fixation frame is equipped with a stereotactic indicator, which enables the exact localization of the target volume during displaying, treatment planning and even during the radiation process itself.


For a reliable whole-body immobilization and fixation of patients, which is of extraordinary importance in extracranial stereotactic radiosurgery, the BodyFIX system has been developed, which consists in the special, reusable vacuum mattress filled with plastic balls in which the patient's body assumes its own lying form. After the evacuation of the air from the mattress the shape of the patient is fixed, so that the form can be repeatedly used in all other fractions. After the termination of the treatment, the mattress is inflated again and prepared to be used by another patient. The suitability and effectiveness of the system is proved by a number of clinical studies.

Active Breathing Coordinator – ABC

ABC represents a special immobilization accessory of the linear accelerator for the fixation of the trunk into which the patient is inserted. The computer system is another component of the device which takes care of the irradiation process itself in cooperation with the patient depending on the breath frequency. The latest generation of equipment for the irradiation of the lungs is represented by the 4D image-guided system SYMMETRY, which is included in the linear accelerators equipped for SBRT.

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