Operation Tables

TRANSKONTAKT-MEDICAL s.r.o. is an authorized distributor for the Swiss company Schaerermedical AG, which has been playing a significant role in the area of innovation and modernization of operating tables, especially the mobile ones, for more than 30 years. Different product ranges exist based on the type of use (general surgery, neurosurgery, urology, orthopedics, gynecology, etc.) with a variety of accessories and modifications for the given field.

Schaerermedical offers an extensive set of optimally adjustable accessories for minimally invasive hip surgery, etc.

The models Arcus and Axis are the characteristic representatives of the company's range of products.

Operační stoly

An example of the positioning of a patient on the Arcus table

Operační stoly

Presentation of available accessories

More details available at www.schaerermedical.ch or transkontakt@medicaltk.com