Operating theatres

  • Hybrid Operation Theatres Based on the IMRIS Technology

    Similarly as in other spheres of human activity, the latest technological knowledge is applied in the health sector as well. Medicine possesses the means of advanced imaging technology, which can be used to verify, optimize, and correct the course of even the most demanding neurosurgeries and perform important intraoperative checks that were previously unthinkable. In technologically advanced countries, the method of image-guided surgeries, which is similar to the hybrid facilities implemented in radiotherapeutic practice by the company Elekta under the term image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), is being increasingly more applied in surgical and neurosurgical practice.

  • Built-in Operating Theatres with the HT Labor Technology

    TRANSKONTAKT-MEDICAL s.r.o. is an authorized distributor for the traditional German manufacturer HT Labor + Hospitaltechnik AG TECHNIK AG which has been supplying built-in operating theatres and built-in facilities since 1963.

  • Ceiling Power Supply Units and Systems


  • Operation Tables

    TRANSKONTAKT-MEDICAL s.r.o. is an authorized distributor for the Swiss company Schaerermedical AG, which has been playing a significant role in the area of innovation and modernization of operating tables, especially the mobile ones, for more than 30 years. Different product ranges exist based on the type of use (general surgery, neurosurgery, urology, orthopedics, gynecology, etc.) with a variety of accessories and modifications for the given field.