Modern radiodiagnostics

Zone Sonography Z.One PRO and ZS3

TRANSKONTAKT-MEDICAL is an authorized distributor for the manufacturer of ultrasound devices ZONARE Medical Systems, Inc. In clinical practice, thanks to a new technology called zone sonography, these devices are distinguished for acquiring images up to ten times faster than conventional systems that collect and process data response line by line. Z.One PRO and ZS3 are the most presentable model types.

Referential installation:

  • University Hospital Olomouc – Children's Clinic
  • Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute Department of Radiation Oncology
  • Znojmo Hospital – Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
Modern radiodiagnostics

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Ultrasound intraoperative navigation Clarit™

In order to improve the quality of invasive and non-invasive interventions, the method of image-guided surgical procedures and intraoperative diagnostic imaging (MRI, CT, ultrasound) used for the supervision of the surgery are applied increasingly more often. Multifunctional operating theatres (MFOT) are developed for surgical practice. Before surgery resorted to this measure, the company Elekta introduced into clinical practice the method of image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) using the Cone-Beam CT. With the gradual improvements of therapeutic irradiation, it is now necessary to gain direct insight into the patient's anatomy even in the course of the irradiation process. Therefore, Elekta is introducing 3D intraoperative ultrasound imaging to detect the motility of some organs. Bearing the designation Clarity this system is used in clinical practice in more than 60 clinical facilities and its simple operation enables immediate verification of the position of a patient's soft tissues (during breast, prostate, uterus, head and neck irradiation etc.) without any exposure to radiation. This system brings the possibility to verify the contouring and to provide the base for the 4D system verifying the position of moving organs.

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