Infusion therapy

Since 1994, TRANSKONTAKT-MEDICAL s.r.o. has been an authorized distributor for the Swiss manufacturer of infusion technologies Arcomed AG. Its offer includes linear accelerators of the Syramed series and volumetric infusion pumps of the Volumed series. In all of the cases, these are technically advanced microprocessor-controlled devices with universal applicability that comply with the strictest EU requirements.

Arcomed has an excellent reputation in the field of infusion technology and especially in TCI – Target Controlled Infusion and has an outstanding program of minimizing mistakes and errors during the medication of patients.

Volumed® μVP 7000 Premium
Syramed® μSP 6000 Premium

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Chroma Infusion Pump

We are introducing the CHROMA series infusion pump and linear dosing device, a new-generation pump with highly accurate Swiss-made infusion technology.

New features:

  • MedMarker™ colour-coded drug delivery system – solution for safer medication
  • Double-checking capability through both colour and print
  • Zero initial costs on physical marking
  • Zero operation costs on physical marking
  • Elimination of variations in the quality of physical marking
  • Easily adaptable to protocol changes
  • Touch screen technology – TouchScreen technology combined with the shortcuts feature lets you quickly find the needed function. Lucid design enables navigation based on icons without having to scroll the menu and using the search option. Intuitive guiding.
  • AlertScout™ pre-alarm system – a monitoring system that alerts us to the most important alarms before they occur.

Other features:

  • Large and easy to read, durable, high-resolution colour LCD
  • Touch screen, shortcut based user interface for easy use
  • Compact and robust construction, identical design and function to the infusion pump as well as the linear dose delivery device
  • Quick launch of all applications
  • Drug-dose calculation with dose-error-reduction system
  • Specialized and user-friendly infusion models
  • TCI options: Marsh, Schnider and Minto protocols
  • PCA options: Easily customizable and user-friendly protocol, integrated lock with password and handy patient button
  • System pump for PDMS

The CHROMA generation infusion pump of Arcomed AG is successfully used in ICU departments, pediatric and neonatal wards as well as in complex applications in anaesthesia for TCI or TIVA, during patient-controlled pain control and also patient sedative check, and last but not least, in ambulances and in the simplest applications on general wards.

Infusion pump Volumed® μVP7000 Chroma
Infúzní pumpa Chroma
Infusion pump Syramed® μSP 6000 Premium
Infúzní pumpa Chroma